Slide In Food Supplements and Medical Devices, DEMO S.A. covers a wide range of needs: 1 Urinary and prostate health, liver (fatty infiltration) and upper respiratory health (productive cough) 2 Strengthening the immune system of children (a product range of vitamins for children) 3 Eye care (artificial tears, contact lens solution) 4 Treatment of wounds and injuries (healing spray for open wounds and injuries, cooling gel for muscles and joints, sterile solution for cleaning and rinsing any kind of wound or burn).

Slide Quality &
All products bearing the signature of DEMO S.A. meet the highest quality standards and are proven to be effective and safe. Our goal in any category is to offer high value-added formulations, both to the consumers-patients, and to the health professional, doctors and pharmacists.
DEMO S.A. has faithfully served its export orientation over the last years, with its sales network expanding to Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America and Oceania. The company exports 84% of its annual production and at the same time it is a registered supplier of the United Nations, UNICEF, World Health Organization, MSF and the International Red Cross. With more than 2.700 approved products in 85 countries worldwide and 1000 employees, DEMO aims to reliably meet the needs of the market in Greece and internationally.